Women and Politics

Political Agency and Coalition-building: Moderated by Lisette Nieves of the Fund for the City of New York and a Special Presentation by Professor Kira Sanbonmatsu of Rutgers University Center for American Women and Politics. Panelists to be announced soon.

November 19 — ONLINE @ 7PM

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Putting Pride Into Action

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Thank you to everyone that applied to be our Executive Director. We are reviewing applications at this time, and are grateful to have heard from so many talented people.

Our Purpose

Mission Statement

The mission of the NEW Pride Agenda (NPA) is to set and frame the new policy agenda and focus areas for LGBTQIA rights in the State of New York.

With a particular focus on the most vulnerable members of the LGBTQIA community, the NEW Pride Agenda:

Advocates for visibility, protection, and prioritization of the civil rights, human services, and racial justice that impact the most important aspects of everyday life from housing to employment to health. 

Educates policymakers, members of the LGBTQIA community and allies, as well as the general public, about our legal protections and rights.

Mobilizes the community to help shape policy support, to engage in solutions, and to empower a new generation of LGBTQIA leaders.  


Our Program

Civic Engagement and Public Education Project (CEPEP)

The NEW Pride Agenda, in collaboration with Columbia University, is developing a Civic Engagement and Public Education Project (CEPEP) which will work to re-engage LGBTQ citizens and allies in neighborhoods across the state about LGBTQ legislative protections and priorities.


Working alongside elected officials, community activists, and policy leaders, the NEW Pride Agenda advocates on behalf of the LGBTQ community regarding New York’s budget and legislative priorities.

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