Putting Pride into Action

While we are responding to COVID-19, we are in action to organize and gather community online.

Original series of free, online forums addressing topics impacting LGBTQ+ communities.

Watch Previous Virtual Town Halls

October 1: LGBTQIA Matters of Buffalo
September 17: LGBTQIA Matters of Rochester
August 13: Criminal Justice Reform: Rethinking Safety and Accountability in Our Communities
July 23: Equality and Equity: The Trans and Queer Led Fight for Economic Justice
July 9: Queer, Trans, and Migrant: Advocacy and Organizing Within LGBTQ Latinx Communities
June 18: Uniting Our Movements (From Stonewall to Black Lives Matter)
May 27: Working Towards a New Albany
May 8 (and 21): Census 2020: LGBTQ+ Matters
May 14: It’s OK Not to Be OK
April 23: Let's Talk Sex & Sex Work
April 16: Queer, Trans & Young
April 9: COVID-19 Safety and Wellness

Our town hall series are a program of our Civic Engagement and Public Education Project (CEPEP) with support from Spectrum.

Civic Engagement and Public Education Project (CEPEP)


NEW Pride Agenda is organizing a Virtual Town Hall series focusing on our communities’ most immediate concerns. 

The NEW Pride Agenda, in collaboration with Columbia University, is developing a Civic Engagement and Public Education Project (CEPEP) which will work to re-engage LGBTQ citizens and allies in neighborhoods across the state about LGBTQ legislative protections and priorities.

NPA is building out our CEPEP programing in three areas:

  • Understanding and activating Anti-Bullying Strategies in public and private schools; Dignity for All Students Act (DASA)—what’s working and what’s not!
  • Having a conversation regarding Transgender identities; providing guidance on the implementation of New York’s Gender Non-Discrimination Act (GENDA) as it relates to employment, housing, education and healthcare.
  • Increasing awareness on sexual and reproductive health regarding access to—and the benefits of—Pre-exposure prophylaxis, or PrEP.

Focused Neighborhoods

Our goal is to provide CEPEP programming starting in key LGBTQ-friendly neighborhoods throughout New York City.

Bed Stuyvesant


Jackson Heights

New York


New York


New York

St. George

Staten Island