Putting Pride into Action

Original series of free, online forums addressing topics impacting LGBTQ+ communities.

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August 13: Criminal Justice Reform: Rethinking Safety and Accountability in Our Communities
July 23: Equality and Equity: The Trans and Queer Led Fight for Economic Justice
July 9: Queer, Trans, and Migrant: Advocacy and Organizing Within LGBTQ Latinx Communities
June 18: Uniting Our Movements (From Stonewall to Black Lives Matter)
May 27: Working Towards a New Albany
May 8 (and 21): Census 2020: LGBTQ+ Matters
May 14: It’s OK Not to Be OK
April 23: Let's Talk Sex & Sex Work
April 16: Queer, Trans & Young
April 9: COVID-19 Safety and Wellness

Our town hall series are a program of our Civic Engagement and Public Education Project (CEPEP) with support from Spectrum.

Civic Engagement and Public Education Project (CEPEP)


Due to the horrific and unexpected Coronavirus pandemic, NEW Pride Agenda is organizing a Virtual Town Hall series focusing on our communities’ most immediate concerns. 

The NEW Pride Agenda, in collaboration with Columbia University, is developing a Civic Engagement and Public Education Project (CEPEP) which will work to re-engage LGBTQ citizens and allies in neighborhoods across the state about LGBTQ legislative protections and priorities.

CEPEP will be phased in over three time periods: NYC starting in February 2020, Westchester and Long Island in the Spring of 2020, and Upstate New York beginning in Summer of 2020.

NPA is building out our CEPEP programing in three areas:

  • Understanding and activating Anti-Bullying Strategies in public and private schools; Dignity for All Students Act (DASA)—what’s working and what’s not!
  • Having a conversation regarding Transgender identities; providing guidance on the implementation of New York’s Gender Non-Discrimination Act (GENDA) as it relates to employment, housing, education and healthcare.
  • Increasing awareness on sexual and reproductive health regarding access to—and the benefits of—Pre-exposure prophylaxis, or PrEP.

Stay Tuned!

…for a NEW Pride Agenda event in your Neighborhood.

Bed Stuyvesant, Brooklyn

Jackson Heights, NY

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Focused Neighborhoods

Our goal is to provide CEPEP programming starting in key LGBTQ-friendly neighborhoods throughout New York City.

Bed Stuyvesant


Jackson Heights

New York


New York


New York

St. George

Staten Island