Our Programming

Shifting the Burden

Become a public health ambassador

Over a series of 8 sessions, current or formerly self-identified sex workers will learn through the NPA “Shifting The Burden” curriculum safe ways to advocate for clientele usage, connecting sex workers to access to PrEP, and developing of guides as community resources about PrEP. We are looking for a diverse cohort of sex workers including those who were formerly incarcerated and/or formerly worked in the sex trade. 

Civic Engagement and Public Education Project (CEPEP)

The NEW Pride Agenda has developed a Civic Engagement and Public Education Project (CEPEP) which will work to re-engage LGBTQ individuals and allies in neighborhoods across the state about LGBTQ legislative protections and priorities.

NPA’s CEPEP Programming:

Economic Empowerment and Financial Literacy Programming.
Providing guidance on the implementation of New York’s Dignity for All Students Act and the Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act (GENDA) as it relates to employment, housing, education and healthcare.
Increasing awareness on sexual and reproductive health regarding access to—and the benefits of—Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP).
Promoting Federal Anti-Discrimination Protections for LGBTQIA+ Residents.

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