NEW Pride Agenda's 2021 Legislative + Policy Priorities

NEW Pride Agenda’s 2021 Legislative + Policy Priorities are rooted in our mission of advocating for LGBTQIA New Yorkers across the state, particurarly communities of color. Among the many important lessons we’ve beeen reminded of this year is that Black and Brown queer communities have been on the frontlines of movements for social change for decades. It is precisely because of this reality that the NEW Pride Agenda is pushing forward with a bold list of policy priorities that center these narratives and identities. NPA’s 2021 legislative agenda is also informed by our recent citywide LGBTQIA survey, conducted in partnership with Columbia University, which you can read more about here.


– In collaboration with network partners, advocate for and secure $5.4 million in LGBTQIA Health & Human Services funding

– Advance implementation of Dignity for All Students Act (DASA)

– Work with the Governor’s Hate Crimes Task Force to eradicate LGBTQIA-based violence, particurarly gender identtity and expression-based violence


– Supporting an eviction moratorium and rental assistance, along with other COVID-19 related bills, that would serve as a lifeline for Black and Brown queer communities

– Release and provide adequate healthcare and resources to Transgender, Non-conforming, Non-binary individuals in prison who are at risk of contracting COVID-19


– Establishing an HIV rental assistance pilot

– Reversing the pharmacy carve out language included in the FY21 state budget

– Increasing access to PrEP and LGBTQIA affirming health care services, particularly for trans women of color and Black and Brown queer males


– Repeal Walking While Trans statute

– Codify Gender Recgonition Act into law

– Codify Stop Violence Against Sex Trades Act into law

– Codify Sex Workers Protection Act into law

– Codify the Decriminalize Condoms Act into law

– Codify the Student Suicide Prevention Act into law

– Codify LGBTQIA History in School Curriculum Act into law

– Codify Comprehensive Sex Education Act into law

– Codify Hate Crimes Analysis and Review Act into law

– Codify LGBTQ-Long Term Care Facility Bill of Rights into law

Budget Priorities


We are thrilled to see some of our priorities in the 2021 Budget. We salute our colleagues across the state who fought for these wins for their commitment to LGBTQIA Advocacy. The work continues! 



LGBTQ Health and Human Services

$5,442,000 for HIV prevention interventions and HIV-related supportive services – including alcohol, substance use and mental health counseling – that address the needs of LGBTQ+ New Yorkers. 


Civic Engagement & Public Education

Funding for the NEW Pride Agenda to continue organizing downstate and to build out a statewide Civic Engagement & Public Education Project (CECEP) with an upstate/western New York organizer. 


Excluded Workers Fund

$2.1 billion for unemployed undocumented workers ineligible for federal aid unemployment during the pandemic. 


Revenue Raisers

Secured more than $4 billion in new taxes on the most wealthy New Yorkers to protect and expand the social safety net.


Dignity for All Students (DASA)

$1,302,000 reappropriated to Dignity for All Students implementation, including the promotion of safe and supportive schools free from bullying, harassment, and discrimination.


Medicaid 340B Carve Out

Delays the carveout of the Medicaid prescription drug benefit for two years, empowering 340B providers–including FQHCs, Ryan White clinics and SNPs–that offer HIV prevention and care to the most vulnerable communities. 


Emergency Rental Assistance

$2.4 billion program for those impacted by COVID-19 regardless of immigration status. 


Pandemic Emergency Assistance

$200 million to local social service districts for emergency services, domestic violence survivor services, food assistance for older New Yorkers and support for families in need.

Happening Now: 2021 State Legislative Priorities

The NEW Pride Agenda is actively tracking, and/or supporting the passage of, the following bills: 

Walking While Trans

Passed the Assembly and Senate; Signed by the Governor into law 

Decriminalize Condoms Act

Gender Identity Prison Protection Bill

Preserving Parental Custody Rights

Passed Senate

Gender Recognition Act

School Policies & Procedures

Student Suicide Prevention Act

LGBT Youth & Young Adult Suicide Prevention Task Force

Passed Senate


Sex Worker Protection

Stop Violence in the Sex Trades Act

Gender Recognition Act

Housing Trans or Intersex Inmates

Hate Crimes Analysis & Review Act

Authorizing Pharmacists to Dispense PrEP

Comprehensive Sex Ed

LGBTQ history in NYS education curriculum

LGBT Long-Term Care Facility Bill of Rights

Requiring Insurance to Cover Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis for HIV-prevention (PrEP)

Passed Assembly

Prohibits Insurers from Requesting Prior Authorization for PrEP

Prohibits Insurers from Requesting Prior Authorization for PrEP

LGBT Inclusive Curriculum